Top 10 Most Beautiful Countries in The World

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Introduction: The World's Top 10 Countries with Incredible Scenery and Enchanting Landscapes

The quest to determine the world’s most beautiful countries is subjective, and it’s a challenge to rank them definitively. However, the World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report offers valuable insights. This report evaluates countries based on a wide array of criteria, including safety, life expectancy, and notably, natural resources.

In the “natural resources” category, the report takes into account factors such as the diversity of animal species, the number of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the extent of protected ecosystems. The 2022 results from this section are, as expected, awe-inspiring. From this comprehensive dataset, the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world emerge. These destinations are celebrated not only for their Captivating and Stunning landscapes but also for their unique cultural heritage and environmental preservation efforts.

While the World Economic Forum’s Report provide a structured basis, E-Visa Xperts editors have added their personal favorites to create a list that combines data-driven findings with passionate and experienced recommendations. The resulting compilation showcases some of the most breathtaking and captivating countries on the planet.

So, whether you’re an avid traveler seeking your next adventure or simply someone who appreciates the natural and cultural wonders of the world, this list promises to inspire wanderlust and evoke a sense of wonder. These countries stand as shining examples of the beauty and diversity our planet has to offer, and they invite you to explore, experience, and be awed by their unique charms.

1. Mexico

Mexico Dazzling Beaches And Irresistible Cuisine​

Dazzling Beaches And Incredible Cuisine

Mexico is a country of remarkable natural beauty, boasting 67 national parks and over 5,000 miles of Unspoiled shoreline. Its diverse landscapes, ranging from arid deserts to snow-covered volcanoes, make it a top destination for nature enthusiasts. Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico, offers secluded, untouched beaches and the captivating Hierve el Agua, a natural wonder featuring mineral springs and stunning rock formations.

In the southern state of Chiapas, the Sumidero Canyon leaves visitors awe-struck with its towering 3,000-foot cliffs, hidden caves, and cascading waterfalls. Mexico also prioritizes wildlife conservation, exemplified by the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve near Mexico City, where millions of monarch butterflies find sanctuary each autumn. Additionally, the whale sanctuary in El Vizcaino plays a vital role in protecting and nurturing grey and blue whales, serving as a crucial reproduction site.

With its rich biodiversity and commitment to preserving its natural wonders, Mexico is a true paradise for those seeking unspoiled landscapes and unique wildlife experiences. And that’s why it is considered one of the Most Beautiful Countries In The World to explore.

2. Australia

Australia "The Kangaroos", "The Bush", and "The Outback"​

"The Kangaroos", "The Bush", and "The Outback"

Australia stands as a testament to unrivaled natural beauty. It’s a land of Incredible sceneries and Breathtaking wonders, from the world-famous Great Barrier Reef to the untamed expanse of the Outback and the serene winelands of Victoria.

One of the most profound experiences any traveler can have is witnessing the sheer majesty of Uluru. Whether it’s seen from above, with the vast red expanse stretching beneath you during a helicopter ride, or from the ground, where you can watch the monolith change colors beneath the technicolor sunset, it’s a moment that imprints itself on your memory.

And then there’s Tasmania, Australia’s hidden gem. This island state offers something truly unique, with its rugged mountain wilderness and pristine coastlines. It’s a place where nature remains untouched, inviting explorers to immerse themselves in its remarkable beauty.

Australia, is considered as one of the most beautiful places in the world with its diverse landscapes and captivating destinations, it’s a paradise for adventurers and nature lovers, beckoning you to experience the magic of this vast and captivating land.

3. India

India Home of The Historical Culture and Tradition

Home of The Historical Culture and Tradition

India’s landscape is nothing short of breathtaking, encompassing the towering peaks of the Himalayas and the tranquil shores of the Indian Ocean. Kerala, often hailed as one of the nation’s most stunning states, offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Here, you can encounter majestic elephants and elusive tigers, navigate through lush lagoon networks, and wander amidst the enchanting tea plantations.

But India’s beauty extends far beyond Kerala. In Tamil Nadu, Marina Beach, often overlooked, boasts incredible stretches of pristine sand, perfect for those seeking a more secluded coastal escape. Orissa’s Chandipur Beach is equally captivating, with the unique phenomenon of tides receding nearly three miles out to sea, revealing a mesmerizing landscape.

For lovers of alpine flora, the Valley of Flowers National Park is a true spectacle. Here, hundreds of species of vibrant, chromatic alpine flowers blanket the western Himalayas, creating a breathtaking and picturesque display of nature’s artistry. India’s diversity in landscapes and natural wonders makes it one of the Most Beautiful Countries In The World, a haven for travelers seeking unforgettable experiences in the lap of nature’s beauty.

4. Brazil

Heavy Dense Forests of The Amazon Brazil

Heavy Dense Forests of The Amazon and The Vibrant Life of Rio De Janeiro

Brazil is a land of unparalleled grandeur, where nature’s majesty unfolds before your eyes. Stand beneath the Breathtaking horseshoe-shaped falls of Iguazu, feeling the thundering rush of water that symbolizes the power of nature. Or embark on an unforgettable journey kayaking through the immeasurable expanse of the Amazon, where the river’s secrets are whispered by the lush, towering rainforests.

In Rio de Janeiro, gazing out from the peak of Corcovado, you’ll be greeted by a breathtaking panorama that encapsulates the city’s vibrant energy and natural beauty. For beach enthusiasts, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha off the northeast coast offers some of the most exquisite coastal gems in the country.

Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is a visual masterpiece, with blindingly white sand dunes set against the backdrop of turquoise lagoons, creating a surreal landscape that appears almost otherworldly. Brazil’s biodiversity reigns supreme, boasting the title of the world’s most diverse ecosystem. Here, you can spot magnificent creatures like jaguars, agile spider monkeys, stealthy piranhas, colossal giant water lilies, and intricate mangroves, among countless other species that coexist harmoniously in this ecological wonderland. Brazil is a symphony of natural wonders waiting to be explored.

5. China

The Great Wall of China​, architectural beauty

The Ultimate Frontier of The Great Wall of China

China boasts an impressive array of 56 UNESCO World Heritage Sites within its vast borders, trailing closely behind Italy, which holds the top spot with 58. That’s why china is considered as one of the most beautiful country in the world and Among these world heritage sites, you’ll discover landscapes that seem almost otherworldly, as if plucked from the realms of fantasy.

The Zhangye National Geopark stands as a testament to Mother Nature’s artistry, with its striped, technicolor mountains, creating a surreal tableau that could rival even the most advanced photo-editing software. At the Wulingyuan Scenic Area, you’ll encounter sandstone pillars that appear as skyscrapers sculpted by nature herself, forming a mesmerizing panorama that’s both humbling and captivating. Venturing Luoping County, you’ll be greeted by endless fields of yellow rapeseed plants, painting the countryside in a vivid sea of gold, a sight that’s both calming and invigorating.

Journeying further, the Jiuzhaigou Valley unveils its multicolored lakes, a breathtaking natural wonder that defies easy description. These are just a few glimpses into the astonishing diversity of China’s landscapes and the remarkable experiences it offers to those who venture to explore its natural beauty.

6. Indonesia

Indonesia the country of 17,000 islands

The Largest Archipelago in The World, Combined with More than 17,000 Islands

Indonesia, a true gem in Southeast Asia, is home to some of the world’s most exquisite islands. Among them, Bali stands as a sun-kissed paradise, radiating spiritual vibes. While it may be bustling in certain areas, there are serene enclaves to be discovered, such as the tranquil central region of Tabanan. Here, you’ll encounter waterfalls, butterfly parks, and UNESCO-protected rice fields, creating a harmonious blend of nature and culture.

Off the coast of West Papua, the Raja Ampat Islands emerge as a haven for scuba divers, offering a dreamlike underwater world filled with blue channels and diverse, vibrant reefs. It’s a place where the ocean’s beauty rivals that of the land.

For those seeking solace away from the crowds, the island of Flores beckons with its pristine white sand beaches and lush, rolling green hills. Here, you can revel in the untouched beauty of Indonesia, a country that harmonizes spirituality, natural wonders, and cultural richness like no other.

7. Spain:

majestic beaches in spain

Must Visit Heaven for Foodie and Beach Loving People

Spain is not just renowned for its world-class beaches, such as the mesmerizing Playa de Las Catedrales in Galicia, but it also boasts 16 national parks, five of which are located in the Canary and Balearic Islands. Each of these parks is a unique natural treasure.

Doñana National Park, for instance, is a sanctuary for both wildlife and nature enthusiasts. This park shelters five threatened bird species and features picturesque marshes and captivating sand dunes, making it a vital part of Spain’s ecological tapestry. Teide National Park, on the other hand, is home to the highest mountain in the country, Mount Teide, and the world’s third-tallest volcanic structure, Pico Viejo. Its dramatic landscapes showcase the raw power of geological forces, creating a remarkable backdrop for exploration.

Spain’s diverse natural heritage, from its stunning coastal wonders to its enchanting national parks, and the irresistible Spanish Cuisines that you must try this makes it a more entertaining and captivating destination for those seeking to immerse themselves in exploring the true beauty of the natural world.

8. Japan

Rising Sun Over Mount Fuji: A Journey to Japan's Sacred Peak

The Land of the Rising Sun with Cherry Blossom Festivals

Japan is a land of striking contrasts, where serenity and excitement coexist harmoniously, and the ancient seamlessly blends with the unexpected. The Ogasawara Islands, with their subtropical allure, unveil pristine beaches, exceptional snorkeling opportunities, and thrilling whale-watching experiences. These islands are also home to lush forests inhabited by 195 endangered bird species, making it a haven for wildlife enthusiasts.

The solitary and majestic Mount Fuji stands as the nation’s most iconic landmark, its snow-capped peak rising above charming villages and casting its reflection on the tranquil surfaces of nearby lakes. This sacred mountain is a symbol of Japan’s enduring beauty and tranquility. Even in its bustling cities, Japan offers a unique blend of urban and natural wonders. In Kyoto, cherry blossoms paint the city in a soft, ephemeral pink, while the enchanting Arashiyama bamboo forest exudes a mystical charm. Meanwhile, Tokyo surprises with its serene, grassy parks, providing an urban escape in the midst of a bustling metropolis.

Japan is a country that effortlessly marries the ancient with the contemporary and its landscapes and cities alike inspire a sense of wonder and appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us.

9. Thailand:

Thailand e-visa, beautiful beaches, holidays, vacation

Beautiful Beaches, Cuisines and Vibrant Night Life

In the past decade, Thailand has witnessed a remarkable doubling of foreign visitors, a testament to its alluring charm. It’s no mystery why this country is such a draw for travelers. With hundreds of islands, each offering a unique experience, Thailand caters to every type of adventurer.

For those seeking the embrace of lush, untamed jungles, Ko Kut beckons with its emerald canopies and vibrant wildlife. Alternatively, divers are enticed by the crystal-clear waters of Ko Tao, a paradise beneath the waves where vibrant marine life thrives. But Thailand isn’t just about its stunning coastlines. Venturing inland to the captivating Khao Sok National Park reveals a world of wonder. Here, you can catch sight of wild elephants and elusive tigers, be mesmerized by dramatic waterfalls, and find yourself amidst some of the world’s most ancient and pristine rainforests.

Thailand’s diverse landscapes and experiences make it an ever-evolving tapestry of natural beauty and adventure, offering something to captivate the hearts of all who venture to explore it.

10. Panama:

An Incredible Biodiversity and The Famous Panama Canal

Panama, is said to be most beautiful country and a hidden gem. It found its place among the best destinations to visit in 2022 as well. This accolade is well-deserved, given its spectacular biodiverse jungles, expansive coastlines, and relatively sparse crowds compared to its neighbor, Costa Rica.

In the Caribbean-facing province of Bocas del Toro, you’ll find a paradise that combines stunning beaches with active wildlife. To truly elevate your experience, embark on a nighttime snorkeling adventure through bioluminescent waters, creating a magical spectacle just off the coast.

A little journey south from Bocas del Toro leads you to the Pacific Ocean-facing province of Chiriquí, which offers a different yet equally captivating facet of nature. Here, you can hike through enchanting cloud forests, swim beneath thundering waterfalls, and stand witness to the panoramic sunrise from the summit of Volcán Barú.

Panama’s diverse landscapes and the range of experiences it offers make it a captivating destination, where nature’s beauty remains unspoiled and waiting to be explored by the intrepid traveler.

Some of the Additional Special Mentions are:

While the list of the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world is exclusive, several other remarkable nations deserve special mention. These countries may not have secured a spot in the top 10, but they boast stunning landscapes and captivating vistas that are equally worth exploring. Don’t miss the chance to discover the most beautiful country with breathtaking views and unique experiences that these destinations offer.

New Zealand e-visa, Mitre Peak, Fiordland, New Zealand, Nature's Regal Crown

New Zealand

New Zealand is a land of Sublime beauty, boasting majestic mountains, pristine turquoise lakes, and over 9,000 miles of windswept coastlines. From the vibrant fields of lupins surrounding Lake Tekapo to the enchanting Milford Sound, reminiscent of a fantasy world from Lord of the Rings, the country’s natural wonders are boundless. Even below the surface, the Waitomo glowworm caves reveal a unique and captivating beauty that exemplifies New Zealand as one of the most beautiful places to visit and also New Zealand has the knack for making even the most unexpected creatures appear stunning.

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Vietnam’s allure goes beyond its bustling cities. Ha Long Bay, with its turquoise waters and limestone islands teeming with tropical flora and fauna, beckons in the northeast. Hà Giang in the northeast boasts breathtaking mountain vistas and rice terraces. Ninh Van Bay along the southern coast offers excellent snorkeling and diving, and the jungle-draped Phú Quốc island is a quick flight away for a serene escape. Vietnam’s natural beauty caters to outdoor enthusiasts and landscape admirers alike.

Angel Falls, Venezuela, the world's highest waterfall at 3,212 feet


Venezuela is a land of astounding superlatives. Angel Falls, the world’s highest waterfall at 3,212 feet (19 times taller than Niagara), is a jewel within the lush Canaima National Park. Mount Roraima captivates with its towering cliffs piercing through the clouds. The Los Roques archipelago offers pristine white sand beaches, mangrove swamps, dazzling reefs, and vibrant underwater life. Venezuela’s natural wonders are unrivaled.

cities of italy and, The Dolomites


Italy is a treasure trove of natural beauty, featuring a diverse landscape from craggy peaks to scenic coastlines. Driving along the winding roads of Tuscany, lined with cypress trees and framed by rolling green hills and sunflower fields, is a unique experience. The Dolomites, among the world’s most beautiful mountains, offer exceptional spots like San Pellegrino Pass for rock climbing, skiing, and simply basking in their awe-inspiring presence. Italy’s natural wonders never cease to amaze.

Grand Canyon the Stunning grandeur

The United States of America

The United States offers a lifetime of diverse and stunning landscapes to explore. Hawaii’s Na’Pali Coast is a vertical wonder, among the world’s most beautiful coastlines. Alaska’s Denali National Park, though enduring extreme cold, boasts pristine beauty. And the iconic Grand Canyon needs no introduction as a charming tourist destination with its Stunning grandeur. America’s natural wonders are unparalleled and also considered as one of the Most Beautiful places.

Conclusion For The Top 10 Most Beautiful Places in The World to Travel

These destinations offer unique and enchanting experiences that will make your vacation truly unforgettable. So, instead of sticking to the tourist traps during the vacation, consider exploring these World’s Top 10 Countries with Incredible Scenery and Enchanting Landscapes.

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